Business Cloud Services


What are Cloud Services for Business?

Businesses are often faced with the decision to go hosted in the cloud or on-premise. There is really no right or wrong answer – this answer is derived by conducting a thorough assessment of business infrastructure and technological needs. There are advantages and disadvantages with both platforms and these are subject to the type of software and/or service under consideration.


Cloud-Based Business Services vs. On-Premise


If you are housing on-premise solutions physically at your place of business, there are significantly larger upfront expenditures and more costly ongoing maintenance. Cloud computing services on average are less expensive alternatives as they are housed off-site with a third party for one low monthly fee.



Both cloud-based and on-premise solutions provide the business ample amounts of security. However, cloud-based business services offer a little more piece of mind with data redundancy should disaster strike. Meaning if your business experiences any type of disaster, all the business data is stored safely and can be back up and running in no time.


User Access

Cloud-based services for business, although secure, are managed by a third party. This means your data is accessible to the provider of your choosing. On-premise solutions provide much more control over user access of private information as it is stored exclusively on-site.


Deployment & Scalability

On-premise solutions require the business to invest in the infrastructure up front, based on expected growth. The business coud services model is set up more on the add-as-you-grow plan. This allows businesses to add users as they need and scale more affordably.


On-Premise vs. Cloud Services

An on-premise solution means that all hardware is installed at your physical location. With an on-premise voice or IT solution, corporate data is stored internally and you have control over your systems and data.

Cloud Services are provided “as a service” online for one low monthly payment. Cloud requires little or no upkeep for the business on the underlying technology infrastructure and maintenance. The cloud is appealing to many decision-makers as it reduces complexity and long lead times in testing and deploying new products. It is generally cheaper, too.

What are the features?

A hosted PBX solution with easy to manage features that allow calling, messaging, video calling, Office 365 and data storage capabilities across multiple devices in the cloud!

  • Phone System Features: Unlimited calling (US/Canada), voicemail to email, auto attendant, caller ID, call routing and so much more!
  • ShareDesk: Provides a small business-friendly version of an enterprise content and file sharing management system
  • Email: Outlook Integration, communicate with archivable, encrypted and professional-looking emails
  • Microsoft Office: Our package comes complete with Microsoft Office 365
  • Conferencing: HD video calling and conferencing
  • Instant Messaging: Built-in Microsoft Skype
  • Mobility: Simply download our app and your business goes with you!
  • Reliability: Delivers a proven 99.999+% service uptime
  • Security: Kumo is HIPAA/HITECH compliant secure cloud services to protect your data

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