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What is Audio/Visual?

Audio/Visual is a communications technology that integrates video and voice to connect remote users with each other as if they were in the same room. This saves your business money on travel, hotel, and car rental costs. Each user needs a computer, webcam, microphone, and broadband internet connection for participation in video conferencing. Users see and hear each other in real-time, allowing natural conversations not possible with voice-only communications technology.

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Video Conferencing

Our video conferencing solutions deliver powerful, high-definition visual communication solutions for desktops, group meeting rooms, lecture halls, immersive environments, and more. Some benefits to Video Conferencing are increased efficiency, faster decision making, and reduce the need to travel to lower operating costs and environmental impacts.


WebEx is an easy way to share ideas with anyone, anywhere. It combines real-time desktop sharing with phone conferencing so everyone sees the same thing while you talk. It’s far more productive than emailing files and struggling to get everyone on the same page over the phone. And it can often eliminate the need for people to travel and meet on-site, saving you hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars on travel costs.

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Integration and Automation

At Crestron, they build the technology that integrates technology. The automation and control solutions for buildings and homes let people control entire environments with the push of a button, integrating systems such as A/V, lighting, shading, IT, security, BMS, and HVAC to provide greater comfort, convenience, and security. All of our products are designed and built to work together as a complete system, enabling you to monitor, manage, and control everything from one platform.


  • Control everything from one easy to use control panel!
  • Meet online—and accomplish more in less time.
  • Share ideas and information easily, instantly.
  • Focus on your business—not on software.
  • Start and join meetings easily.
  • Keep on track—behind the scenes with in-meeting controls.
  • Maximize flexibility, minimize costs.
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Paging and Emergency Notification

Companies can improve productivity, personnel efficiency and increase safety and security. Instantly communicate with everyone or an isolated area without disrupting other groups. “Group Call” allows you to page any combination of two or more individual zones together. And with safety being of great concern of businesses, paging can also provide emergency notification through speakers, horns, visual signs and computer pop-ups! Most telephone systems by comparison offer very limited paging capabilities. Installs are quick, easy and cost-effective!

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